WebSite Change Log

The purpose of this page, is to document the changes to the website. All changes are listed in descending Date order.

Mon Dec 15/17
  1. Updated Maple Ridge meeting type & instructions on webpage, Mtg List Simple & Meeting List Detailed; upload PDFs for download capability; update links to appropriate pages
  2. Added link to new [Closures] page on the [Meetings] page & updated Closures page with upcoming dates
  3. Updated IG Minutes archive to include Oct, Nov & Dec minutes
  4. Updated Newsletter archive to include Nov & Dec newsletters
  5. Added New Birthday page to make reporting Birthdays easier - available off the page

Mon Oct 2/17
  1.  Added new button on the [Members] page for "Recovery Links"
  2.  Added new page [Recovery Links] with the following links
    • link to ISO monthlky Life-Line Bulletin Archive
    • link to GA Trustee's Website

Sat Sep 30/17
  1.  Updated Newsletter Archive to include October 2017
  2.  Upated Events Calendar at for Oct & Nov BDays
  3.  Updated Current Birthday Download to v1.5 (Revision Date: 2017-09-30 22:24)

Wed Sep 20/17
  1.  Updated Meeting List PDF files as follows:
    • Added bold font to Thursday Vancouver meeting on the Meeting List Simple v2.2
    • Added Room #103 for the PoCo Meeting on both the Simple & Detail lists v2.2 for both
    • Changed Chilliwack meeting type to "OPEN on both  the Simple & Detail lists v2.2 on both