WebSite Change Log

The purpose of this page, is to document the changes to the website. All changes are listed in descending Date order.

Sat Feb 17/18
  1. Corrected IG Meeting time on Events Calendar
  2. Updated all Birthdays on the Events Calendar
  3. Corrected Richmond Meeting Location on the Meeting List (Detail) form
  4. Corrected Kamloops Meeting status on all forms to "OPEN"
  5. Corrected Maple Ridge Meeting status on all forms to "OPEN"
  6. Updated IG Contacts Form
  7. Updated Meeting List SImple and Details forms
  8. Updated archives for both IG Minutes and Newsletters
  9. Removed dead link for old Current Birthday viewing form

Fri Dec 15/17
  1. Updated Maple Ridge meeting type & instructions on webpage, Mtg List Simple & Meeting List Detailed; upload PDFs for download capability; update links to appropriate pages
  2. Added link to new [Closures] page on the [Meetings] page & updated Closures page with upcoming dates
  3. Updated IG Minutes archive to include Oct, Nov & Dec minutes
  4. Updated Newsletter archive to include Nov & Dec newsletters
  5. Added New Birthday page to make reporting Birthdays easier - available off the page

Mon Oct 2/17
  1.  Added new button on the [Members] page for "Recovery Links"
  2.  Added new page [Recovery Links] with the following links
    • link to ISO monthlky Life-Line Bulletin Archive
    • link to GA Trustee's Website

Sat Sep 30/17
  1.  Updated Newsletter Archive to include October 2017
  2.  Upated Events Calendar at for Oct & Nov BDays
  3.  Updated Current Birthday Download to v1.5 (Revision Date: 2017-09-30 22:24)

Wed Sep 20/17
  1.  Updated Meeting List PDF files as follows:
    • Added bold font to Thursday Vancouver meeting on the Meeting List Simple v2.2
    • Added Room #103 for the PoCo Meeting on both the Simple & Detail lists v2.2 for both
    • Changed Chilliwack meeting type to "OPEN on both  the Simple & Detail lists v2.2 on both